Our Home

Our Funeral Home will satisfy your every need and expectations. We are the only¬†family owned and operated funeral home in Ogdensburg and can still maintain competitive pricing with that of conglomerates in the area. Not only can we compete but also offer the utmost service and dedication to the families we work for. Our prices can be found right here. We have nothing to hide and believe other funeral homes shouldn’t either.


Old Funeral HomeThe Funeral Home was originally founded by Lawrence J. Lalonde in 1932. Originally located at 813 State St., Lawrence managed the business until his untimely death in September of 1956. His wife, Irene Lalonde, acquired ownership while Walter B. Briggs administered. The name then became Lalonde-Briggs Funeral Home. In 1968, the funeral home was purchased by Mr. Briggs and was relocated to 515 Caroline St.

In 1986, Michael P. Frary joined Lalonde Briggs’s staff. The following year, Michael and Anne Frary bought the business and changed the name to Lalonde Briggs Frary Funeral Home. The name was shortened and is currently known as Frary Funeral Home & Cremation Services. In 1990, Michael started the Frary Monument Company and in 1994, Frary Medical Transport was incorporated.

In 1995, Frary Monument Company acquired Carter Memorial and moved it to 515 Caroline St. to expand selection. To this day the funeral home continues to be a vital part of the community since it started in 1932.